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Advisory Services

We advise companies on intellectual property issues,

  • Go to market strategies
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Merger and acquisition structures
  • Growth strategies

Investment Services

We create ad hoc pools of investor funds for startups and early-stage companies similar to Venture Capitalists.

Our investment methodology also allows us to invest the funds in established companies similar to private equity firms.

Genessee World

This is a service that arose from the complications of starting a company in the US. (lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, high fees and non-intuitive decisions involving what services to use ) It handles everything involved in establishing an Internet business.

This service handles everything involved in establishing an Internet business and is available to entrepreneurs anywhere in the world.

The service includes:

  • Free templates for common startup post-incorporation legal needs.
  • IRS employer identification number.
  • Signed certificate of incorporation, bylaws, and Board Consent.
  • C Corporation incorporated in Delaware.
  • Registered agent services.

Currently the GenesseeWorld service is available by invitation only